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About Us

The Story Behind RedSquare Solutions

As small business owners we struggled to keep up with the day to day tasks of running a successful business, we needed to find a solution to simplify creating quotes and managing our maintained sites for PPM (Pre Planned Maintenance,) while our idea was simple we could not find a solution on the market which could easily be adapted for different industries.

If your regularly in your office then you may be thinking that a T Card system can be used to manage your PPM, however we found that as we expand our time spent in the office reduced so we would manually add the dates into a calendar, this made it difficult to store data on the sites we maintained and we decided we needed a database for this, but a database with reminders, so essentially that is what we developed with several additional features.

Before Red Square Solutions our quotes were written in a word processing program, saved as a pdf and emailed to our clients, yet again we struggled to manage them, forgetting to order materials in time which resulted in paying higher courier costs for pre 10am deliveries and when it came to invoicing we would be searching through our emails to locate the purchase order which has to go on the invoice.

It became obvious that despite running a successful business we were inefficient and inefficiency costs money, at a crossroads we had to either employ someone to work full time in the office or develop a solution to make the business more efficient and has increased our profit margins.

Have a suggestion? Get in touch and we can add it to our Feature Request!

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